Registry hack to change Windows 10 accent color

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones Registry hack to change Windows 10 accent color

  • I recently came across these registry hacks to customize the accent colors.


    Create a new DWORD value and name it as AccentColor with a Value of your color code like d5d5d5.

    For inactive windows, do the same with another new DWORD named as AccentColorInactive.

    Source – AskVG

  • Thanks for this Sarav! This is the best hack so far. But in my edition, the DWM tree is totally different from this.

    Inactive accent color works fine for me thou.

  • I noticed the same in mine (Home). Inactive window color changes, but not the active one. Dark grey is fine for me anyway :) . I guess the registry might’ve been patched in a recent update.

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