New Renewable energy idea. Is it Possible, would it work?

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Curiosity Science Other Sciences New Renewable energy idea. Is it Possible, would it work?


  • I call it, Artificial Waterfall Hydroelectric geothermal power
    Or in friendlier terms
    Isolated-Climate based Hydro-geothermal Power

    Ok so I’ve been thinking about renewable energy and a way to reduce the size of such renewable energy. As many forms of it is oversized or made with mega structures. And I may have found a way to create something which puts waterfalls, geothermal power, hydroelectric dam technology and fusion power into one. By putting it all into one system

    Ok this is a bit much but hear me out.

    So let’s say we built a rombus shaped chamber about 250m tall about the hight of a small apartment/skyscraper building with a centralised partition to split the chamber into two small sides. With haft of the building under ground and the other part above ground(partly to save space)

    like this
    || \\
    * *
    \\ ||

    At the top would be a space for steam/water vapour funnel to a high pressured space to super cool the vapour into heavy rain and at the bottom a space for water to super heat to steam.

    This is how it would work

    At the top left side of this chamber would be a large reservoir tank funneled into a large super high pressured jets. Every 30-60 seconds a large tank the size of 2-3 large swimming pools would be dispersed out into the chamber at super high speeds here the water would use the gravity from earth to fall at a super high velocity(partly thanks to the jets) increasing in speed over time. Eventually this water would reach 2 interlocking turbines hitting the blades(made with interlocked reinforced water treated titanium). If you ever felt what it is like to belly floop into water (it feels like concrete) then magnify it by a couple of 1000 tones. Essentially hitting the turbines with extreme force making them rotate with decent velocity. After all the water goes though the turbines it will hit the bottom of the chamber being separated into a large space where a geothermal heating will take place here the water will turn to steam and rise up the second chamber. Turning the second inter locking turbines reaching the top. At the top the steam will be directed into a super cooled high pressured space inside the top of the first chamber where the steam will turn back into to water like a heavy rain filling up the reservoir tank again. There, a already quite full reservoir tank will refill the used up water ready to go though the system again to create an endless loop of 2 forms of power generating simultaneously.

    Once the water hits the first turbines then the jet will release water again creating a controlled waterfall with super high speeds. This will keep the first set of turbines rotating over and over again.

    The geothermal reservoir would work like any other geothermal powerplant with steam rising up turning the second turbines.

    This creates an endless loop, in air tight twin chamber. I estimated that you can fit roughly 6 in the space of 2 American football pitches. Link these up to large battery store. And boom you have a Artificial geo thermal hydroelectric hybrid water fall and rise plant thing. The idea is that you would be able to place it anywhere. Whether it is near the sea, a river or completely land locked.

    So my question is. Is it possible and can it be done? And if it is can I help research it into reality :D.
    I would love to try and make it to see if it would work!

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