Is there any way to disable windows 10 auto updates?

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones Is there any way to disable windows 10 auto updates?

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  • I upgraded to Windows 10 a few weeks ago. I am on a limited connection and these automatic updates are consuming my bandwidth like hell! Can someone tell me how to disable it without any registry hacks?

  • I assume you have Windows 10 Home. For some crazy reason, Microsoft has removed the option for Home editions. I myself had this issue and the only way I could stop the updates are by disabling the windows update service thread.

    Method 1 (If you are using a Wi-Fi connection)

    Set your Wi-Fi connection to metered.

    Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced options > Set as metered connection

    Method 2 (If you are not using Wi-Fi)

    As Ethernet connections cannot be set as metered (another design flaw), the only option is to disable the windows update service.

    Go to search and type “services.msc”. Now select Windows Update and click on stop. Once the service stops, right-click on the windows update service and set the startup type to disabled.

    disable windows 10 automatic updates

    However, remember that you will be missing the critical windows updates forever. To update again, set the startup type to automatic and start the service. Also, disabling this might affect the windows store experience. Hope it helps!

  • Disabling windows update using method 2 is a bad idea. However, if users were to miss any important security updates, Microsoft is to blame. You may add your votes here for a full control over the update feature.

  • I agree. Unfortunately, that is the only available solution to stop the updates. As far as the UserVoice thing is concerned, I don’t think Microsoft is going to pay heed to it! I tried reaching out to the global escalation team and all they could do was get a formal feedback from me and close the case.

  • Else, you could simple choose ‘defer upgrades’.

    • The option ‘defer upgrades’ is not available for home editions. Moreover, it defers only the feature updates. Security updates on the other hand, will still be delivered automatically.

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