Is there a way to set my laptop LCD to a cooler temperature?

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Curiosity Technology Consumer Electronics Is there a way to set my laptop LCD to a cooler temperature?

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  • Hi all. I just bought a new laptop (Inspiron 15). The colors in my LCD appears a little different compared to my old Inspiron’s screen. I don’t know if I could get it right. The old one showed all the whites with a bluish tint. The new one looks soft and the whites are not bluish. It appears just white. I searched for a while and tried the default calibration settings, but I couldn’t get it back to the cooler temperature. Is this a normal thing? How do I set it like my old LCD display?

  • It appears just white.

    I really have no idea what you are referring to. Could you be more specific? If you are talking about the display temperature, then a laptop LCD probably would not have any settings for that. Maybe you can try checking your integrated GPU’s control panel. If not, maybe it’s the LCD backlight. Different models have a different LED backlight and it may vary.

  • Yes, I am talking about the display temperature. I tried all the gamma corrections in the control panel + Intel panel, but I can’t find the temperature correction menu. It could be the model. The screen itself is soft.

  • Wait… Soft? You mean matte? Okay. Here is the thing, LCD screens come in two different types.

    1. Glossy
    2. Matte

    Your old LCD might be a glossy one and that’s why it shows everything a little brighter and more vibrant. Probably your new laptop might have a matte screen. Matte screens usually have an anti-glare coating to prevent any annoying reflections. And hence the warmish perception. You will get used to it. Indeed, less blue light is actually good for your eyes.

  • Seems I need at least a few weeks to get used to this. Thank you.

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