Is there a way to remove post processing done by Windows 10 Mobile Camera app?

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones Is there a way to remove post processing done by Windows 10 Mobile Camera app?


  • Ever since the Lumia camera app was discontinued, my Lumia 1020 got replaced with a shitty windows camera app that post processes the heck out of my photos with a message “adding finishing touches”. The colors are completely washed out and the resulting photo looks horrible! Everything is pale and dead! Is there a way to disable that in the native app?

  • It can be done! But you have to hack the registry a bit to do that.

    • Download Interop Tools
    • Go to Settings > Extras > Interop Tools > Registry Browser
    • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/OEM/Nokia/Camera/Barc
    • Change the IsEnabled field to 0 to disable post processing

    Perhaps the only way to truly get rid of this worthless feature is to put it out in the feedback app! I have a link around, I will update it when I get to my phone.

    • This works, but it breaks the HDR capture. Worth the trade off! This is sad!

    • Glad it worked. For my 920, I did a hard reset and chose not to update the camera app. I am still on Lumia’s factory camera app and it performs better than the Windows camera app.

    • It hadn’t occurred to me until now! I’d happily do a hard reset to get the Lumia camera app back! I’m really fed up with Microsoft camera crapp! It’s like they specifically designed it to ruin PureView images. And the stock app supports Dolby surround audio while video recording as well. One more reason to stick with it.

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