Is copper scientifically attracted to water ?

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Curiosity Science Chemistry Is copper scientifically attracted to water ?

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  • Can you tell me is copper scientifically attracted to water? (As in copper rods used to find water) Or is this a spiritually based more than scientifically proven practice?

    – Deborah, via the ask a science question page.

  • Where did you get the idea that copper rods can be used to find water? The hydrogen in the water is bound to the oxygen atoms. So Copper does not react with water. But air can react with it. Copper and oxygen in the air reacts to form copper oxide.

  • The concept you are pertaining to is almost certainly flawed. Guessing on the matter this implication may derive from peasant or peon workers supported by their own patronage, and taking a linguistical approach to morphology in the ubiety or abet in the erection of lightning conductors installed to damp environments (moors, bogs, flooded municipal waste sites and the like).

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