Introducing Blip

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Curiosity Meta Introducing Blip

  • We are proud to announce our new medium under Geekswipe, called Blip. More about it here. Let us know what you feel. Huge thanks to @coolnclever for helping me with some ideas.

    On a related note, Curiosity is out of read-only mode too (duh!). I’ve fixed a few issues. Looking forward to hear from you all.

  • Looks great! Love the simple layout. Why don’t you use the same for Geekswipe? I still love the existing layout, but Blip is way more simpler.

    • Yeah, thought about it too. But I think this layout fits best for Geekswipe. Worth noting that Curiosity is sharing the same stylesheet from the forked theme. It also helps to distinguish between the two mediums.

    • Well are you considering then?

    • That sounds good. Let’s think about this when there are enough active users. :)

  • Hey, provide a Twitter Sharing link in Blip…

    • Welcome to Curiosity, @ananth! :D Excited to have you here! :) The twitter sharing link for Blip is available at the content bottom area along with facebook.

  • Wow! Am I too late to this party? Look’s neat.

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