I'm curious about your wallpapers

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Curiosity Geekery I'm curious about your wallpapers


  • What wallpapers do you all use? Desktop wallpapers are fine. This is mine now:

  • Awesome! I used to change wallpapers manually (mostly F22 Raptors and F117 Nighthawks and some COD wallpapers), but now I am happy with Bing desktop. :) Changes every hour, mostly landscapes from scenaries. For my Lumia, Baconit does a great job loading wallpapers from subreddits of your choice.

    • I have the same on my WP. /r/photography with 2 hrs update interval. Flickr and Bing are my other options.

    • Mine loads from /r/windowsphonelockscreens :) Bing glitches sometimes. Image won’t update (even for days) unless you do it manually.

  • I have those stock photos from the default windows 10 theme. Hardly notice the wallpapers these days. Defaults on my smartphones and tablets. Nothing special.

  • I know it is a very old post. I and Karthik were discussing on wallpapers last night and that brought me here. I use this one.

  • Got A Space Unicorn outline in fluresant pink(under a horse), with a black backdrop. Never actualy got the hooves in the picture as I’ve taken it from a pause I made of a blended GIF I made for K.I.T.T{kight rider}. on my PC.
    Mobile’s got NASA pictures of the day revolution on it from thier web app.

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