How to remove adobe acrobat PDF firefox extension?

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones How to remove adobe acrobat PDF firefox extension?


  • Since the Quantum upgrade the Adobe Acrobat extension got installed automatically. I can only able to disable it in the addons panel but not remove it like other extensions. I followed the instructions from here and deleted the nppdf32.dll, but nothing happened. Any other solutions?

  • Adobe loads the said extension in all the browsers. There is an easy guide from Mozilla KB here on how to uninstall and remove persistent extensions manually.
    Follow these steps:

    • Menu > Help > Troubleshooting Information.
    • Scroll to ‘Application Basics’ section and click on ‘Open Folder’.
    • And in the folder, navigate to the extensions directory and delete the Adobe Acrobat extension (you should be able to identify it, but if you can’t, go back to the ‘Troubleshooting Information’ page and find the id in the ‘Extensions’ section).
    • So why don’t these addons have a remove button?

    • Addons like Acrobat are installed from folders that don’t belong to Firefox. Most of these addons are tied to a specific software that sideloads these addons as soon as a new browser session is spawned. As they are out of Firefox’s control, it won’t display the remove button.

  • While Billy’s answer works fine, you can also try deleting all the contents in this folder – C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat DC\Acrobat\Browser. This makes sure that Adobe doesn’t install the extension again.

  • You guys rock! thank you for the solutions.

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