How to open a 'Google Maps' link in other Maps apps in an Android phone?

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones How to open a 'Google Maps' link in other Maps apps in an Android phone?


  • I went through a couple of articles and Reddit discussion on this topic. The issue has been addressed well. But the solution does not work for my phone, a Nexus 6P running Android 8.0.0.

    Ideally, when you clear the default options in Google Maps (In the Apps Settings) and then try to open a maps link it should show up options of all the Apps that could open links.

    I did a couple of checks to understand the behaviour. Note that I have 4 Maps applications: GMaps, OsmAnd, Here WeGo and Waze.

    Shortened maps URL:
    Upon clicking the URL the options shown were Google Maps, Uber and My Browser.

    Complete URL taken from Web:
    Shows up Google Maps, OsmAnd, Uber and My Browser.

    I saw in the supported URL in Settings > Apps & Notifications > App > App info > Open by default > Supported URLs that Waze Supports links and Here WeGo doesn’t.

    So, is there a solution for this problem? Would appreciate your help.

  • Did you try turning off the same for Google Maps? Maps has a Supported URLs section below the defaults section. Set it to Don’t open in this app. And to make both HERE and Waze to open links, you can simply set Waze to Ask every time with HERE maps as the default app to open map URLs. Hope this helps.

  • Hey Billy, thanks for responding. I did that and it doesn’t work. Did you try this on your phone and is it working?

    • Sorry for the delay! I can only confirm the said behavior on Nougat. But setting Waze as your default app should work regardless the version. I don’t know what is wrong with Oreo. You can still try forcing any of the other apps you mentioned with a default app manager app. OR try using the send to navigation app.

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