How do live TV shows sync audio and video?

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Curiosity Science Physics How do live TV shows sync audio and video?

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  • If light and sound travel at different speeds, how could we get them on the TV at perfect sync? Does they sync the streams on the fly?

  • It works the same way everything works in real life. If a dog is barking at a distance, you see the dog first and then you hear the sound later. It all happens so quickly that you don’t realize the time lag between both waves. Same works for camera as it is just recording things as it is. If the source of the sound is too far away, you can even hear echoes. Tune into a soccer match next time and re think this.

    • What about the echoes in the stadium? Isn’t the audio out of sync?

    • The audio is transmitted as it is! Most broadcasts have digital transmission that syncs the audio.

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