How do I sync my other folders with Onedrive?

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones How do I sync my other folders with Onedrive?

  • I upgraded to windows 10 and I am backing up all my files to Onedrive right away. But it looks like the default Onedrive app syncs only the ‘onedrive’ folder. Is there a option to sync other folders of my choice with Onedrive?

  • You will have to move all your contents to the OneDrive folder in your drive and create a symbolic link to the actual folder inside your OneDrive folder.

    Open your command prompt as admin and use this command to move the files first.

    move “C:\OriginalFolderPath” “C:\OnedriveFolderPath”

    Once moved, use this command to create the symbolic link.

    mklink /d “C:\OriginalFolderPath” “C:\OnedriveFolderPath\YourFolder”

    This is a hassle anyway.  I wish Microsoft could come up with a feature for OneDrive.

  • I tried the move command with an elevated cmd, but it shows ‘access is denied’. Googled a few answers and followed the steps and took ownership as administrator. But I still get the error message. Windows 10 is full of bugs. Sigh!

  • Use PowerShell. I too faced the same issue on Windows 10.

    Creating Symbolic Links With PowerShell

    The second command need a prefix to use in PowerShell. It must go like this:

    cmd /c mklink /d “C:\OriginalFolderPath” “C:\OnedriveFolderPath\YourFolder”

  • Gee!! Why didn’t I think of that? It works! It works! Thanks a ton @karthikeyankc and @sandlercj! All symlinks are in place and are on upload queue in Onedrive. Phew!

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