Has anyone of you ever tried to live off the internet?

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Curiosity Life Has anyone of you ever tried to live off the internet?

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  • I tried it myself a couple of months back when I was on a vacation trip. God, the life was awesome. Of course I had my phone all the time, but I was completely off the internet. No mails or updates. It’s me and my family for an entire week.

    Sad part is that it lasted only a week. I had to come out of the dark due to a business emergency. Ever since that I crave for such a life. If you have tried such a life, share the experience.

  • Thanks for sharing this Ronny. I experience this a lot. The longest run without internet is when we moved to a new place. I was offline for like a month and a half. The cables weren’t laid and I had to wait that long. It was a bliss, though. I happen to talk a lot with family and friends, I went out sometimes, I even started a workout routine for the month. It all halted as soon as the internet arrived.

    But I still experience some offline days due to occasional network failure in our area. The best part is, my friends will be offline too. Besides, it also helps me to be creative without any distractions. I mostly write some short stories, if this is the case. It gets better without distractions, and the motivation surge is way awesome, as I don’t have to care about anything else.

    I didn’t own a modern smartphone until March 2015. I had a Nokia 5800. Now I have Lumia 830! Trust me… My life was way better without these annoying notifications every damn minute. Now that there is a notification center in Windows 10, it just got worse. Disabled them anyway. In a corner, just like you, I still wish for a total internet blackout so often to refresh ourselves. :)

    • What’s funny is that we both are using the internet to discuss how it’s like to be without the internet. :D I was notified about your response a minute ago. The irony just keeps adding up. Internet always finds a way to win.

    • This might be irrelevant here. Yet, I’m leaving these info for anyone who might not have noticed it.

      Windows phone – Quite hours
      Android – Priority Mode
      iOS – Do Not Disturb

  • I hardly can live without internet even for a minute. I wish I could go offline some days, but I end up watching cat videos just like every geek at the workplace. My wife on the other hand, she totally has an internet free life. No mail, no social network, no nothing! She uses my old Blackberry for calls. Her real life addiction is books. Thanks to her, my kids are off the devices too. Maybe I’m half blessed here.

    • That’s really awesome!! It’s quite a great deal to convince kids to stay off the computers and internet these days. My sister puts up a battle with my nephew every day. Did a grave mistake by exposing him to video games and text communication. :/ Glad that he is not that addicted like I was in my early days. I should start buying him some good comic books… Hope it’ll work out!

    • Though it sound’s fair for their social life, I often fear that it might totally put them off. If I were offline, I’d have missed a lot. You and I are friends, only because of the internet. There needs to be a constant guidance… Eventually that will be in vain as we can’t stop them from talking cool stuffs at school. And like you said.. Books are also a good form of distraction.

    • A distraction to avoid the bigger distraction…

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