General Rules, Netiquettes, and Guidelines for a First Time User

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Curiosity Meta Geekswipe Curiosity General Rules, Netiquettes, and Guidelines for a First Time User


  • Hello there, Here are some basic netiquettes and guidelines for posting topics and questions here. Before you read them, I want you to understand a common fact that the internet is filled with humans. Each human is as unique and complex as you are. Just like you, everyone adores their opinions and most of them hates if anyone hurts them. When you are typing your posts or replies, always remember that there is a real human being on the other side with feelings and emotions, just like you. If they are wrong, correct them. Don’t hurt them.

    General guidelines

    • Be rational. Be kind. Don’t spam. Respect people.
    • If someone abuses or harasses you, report to the moderators or admins. Ignore them and do not argue.
    • Always be relevant and cite credible peer reviewed sources for scientific discussions and answers.
    • Do not post/link to any inappropriate topics, which include but not limited to contents with abusive language, copyrighted materials, referral links, drugs, alcohols, porn, religion, politics, racism, piracy, and illegal contents.
    • Never post your personal or contact information anywhere. Never ask the same to anyone.
    • Do not post any sort of medical advice.


    When moderators remove your posts, do not argue with them. Moderators remove posts only when it is irrelevant or inappropriate. If your post is removed for a reason other than this, report to the administrators of Geekswipe.

    I hope these guidelines will help everyone to make this community better. Have a fantastic time at Geekswipe Curiosity! :)

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