Easiest way to transfer files from PC to Android using Wi-Fi without internet

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones Easiest way to transfer files from PC to Android using Wi-Fi without internet

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  • In situations where there won’t be an internet connection and cables around, how can I transfer files between my phone and the computer? Like Bluetooth transfer, I can transfer files using an app like Airdroid using Wi-Fi. But AirDroid uses the browser and requires an internet connection to open it. Is there a completely offline way to transfer files directly using Wi-Fi alone?

  • You can do that with FTP or SMB. You’ll need to set up an FTP server or enable file sharing on your computer to the folders you would like to share. And then you can access it from your Android with any FTP/SMB clients available from the app store. I’ve used AndSMB client and it does the job! Here is an updated overview on this.

    • Spent a nice evening exploring this. Thanks for the suggestion Karthik! I was also able to do this the other way around. I ran an FTP server on my phone and used Wi-Fi tethering to connect to it from my computer.

    • You’re welcome! :) And actually, this seems better! With an FTP client like Filezilla running on the PC, I can keep select folders in sync with the phone too. Especially my music library! Yay! You could try HTTP too! Should get interesting when you start running a server from your phone.

    • Check whether the default file manager has an FTP option in the settings or not. If not, download ES File explorer. It has a built in FTP server.

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