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  • Are there better platforms out there to make discussions more interactive? I personally have been in only a few forums and most of them were PhpBB. I still like the way Curiosity works on top of all the WP core sharing the traditional bbPress. Still, speaking of the new flat frenzy, why don’t we move to something like Discourse? I’ve heard it has a good arsenal of features that could draw more users. Current status of this forum is so traditional in my opinion. Less dynamic as you would call it!

    You might have your reasons for this, but I simply wanted to point this out as a community developer.

  • Thank you for the suggestion CC. I had already thought about that and only after analyzing several stuffs, I decided to settle with BBpress. One, it’s lightweight and shares WP core as you mentioned. It also shares the WP userbase, under one roof. Maintenance is quite easy in a way. Besides, Discourse uses a lot of resources, which I can’t afford yet. It’s pretty neat and modern, but 1GB of RAM is way too pricey to have. So in the end, BBpress wins in several scenarios.

  • Hey @rontap, I just saw this. Don’t know how I forgot to reply you. :) Sorry for the delay anyway! I appreciate your help here and it’s so nice of you to offer help on the Discourse front. However, I don’t really have the resources to use Discourse in the long term. BBPress is doing quite better than expected. Whatever you feel about the forum, please do let me know and I will see what I can do about it. I see that you are a frequent member here, and that makes your feedback and insights more valuable. :)

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