Could a black hole serve as a wormhole?

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Curiosity Science Physics Could a black hole serve as a wormhole?


  • I would like to know if a black hole can serve as a wormhole to a different place in the space. If it is possible, how could we traverse through it without being spaghettified?

  • Theoretically, it is possible! There are two caveats though! One, it will be a unidirectional travel. Two, you WILL be spaghettified whatsoever. Possibly a third one… You will end up somewhere else!

    • I’m sure you are wise enough to realize that your question regarding a black hole is a super high level scientific speculation. As far as it is speculated and theorized, a typical Lorentzian wormhole would need exotic matters to sustain the wormhole. The spaghettification and the highly impossible existence of a white hole on the other side makes it unidirectional.

  • In order to traverse through a wormhole, you would need a traversable wormhole in the first place. Such wormholes are so quick in theory that you need to be so fast to travel through it. Such wormholes are only possible if exotic matters exist in our universe. Beyond this point, a basic explanation is tough, as everything else simply solves GR and is apparently theories.

  • Follow up question: Does black holes violate the second law of thermodynamics? Where does all that entropy go?

  • Does black holes violate the second law of thermodynamics?

    No it does not! Black holes has the most entropy in the universe.

    Where does all that entropy go?

    Most of the entropy lost by the materials that fall inside a black hole is rescued back to the universe by Hawking’s radiation. Hawking (with Bekenstein) also proved that the surface area of the event horizon is proportional to the mass of the black hole, thus proving that the entropy is preserved in the universe.

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