Copy and sync books from Calibre to Kindle

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  • My wife got me a Kindle Paperwhite today, and I used the send to device option to copy my ebooks from Calibre to Kindle. Over 300 books are copied, but I don’t know how to sync between the two programs. Sadly there are no plugins available. Can you help me?

  • You can email the books from your Calibre library to your Kindle email id. Settings can be found under connect and share.

    Calibre to Kindle Sync

    Bulk syncing may take up time, but that is the only way to go.

    • This is probably a stupid question, but where should I get the kindle email from?

    • If you are logged in with your Amazon account, you will find your device’s email under the Devices tab.

      Kindle Email Address Tab

    • I swear I saw the email before! Thanks Bill! It works. But some books are too big for an attachment. Any solutions to get around this?

    • Amazon has a Send to Kindle application that you can use for larger files. Once installed, you will be able to find the option in the right click context menu.

    • All my books are finally up! Thanks to you Bill!

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