'Chrome://FirefoxAccounts (Firefox Accounts credentials)' in Firefox Quantum

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones 'Chrome://FirefoxAccounts (Firefox Accounts credentials)' in Firefox Quantum


  • I recently imported my history and passwords from Chrome to Firefox. I am seeing this ‘Chrome://FirefoxAccounts (Firefox Accounts credentials)’ in the site column in the saved logins page. The username and passwords are some random numbers. Is it safe to delete it?

  • As the name says, it is all about your Firefox account sync. The term Chrome is not related to Google Chrome at all. It means the visible portion of the browser except the website part (toolbars and other UI components). And the details stored in there in the password field has two key strings that encrypts and decrypts your sync data with Mozilla’s servers. So it’s safe and you don’t have to delete it.

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