Can humans sense magnetic fields?

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Curiosity Science Biology and Medicine Can humans sense magnetic fields?

  • I was reading the earthquake thread a few minutes ago. Great thoughts! So here are my questions! If birds have the ability to sense magnetic fields, why can’t a human feel such a field around him? Don’t we have Magnetite in us?

  • Interesting question! This is indeed a highly researched topic in recent years. Don’t know much about Magnetites than you already know, but as far as I know, most of the magnetoreception is attributed to a certain photoreceptors in our eyes called Cryptochrome. The problem with this is the humans don’t have a proper receptor to enable the magnetosensing in them like in the birds. Unless we activate those receptors somehow, we can’t sense magnetic fields naturally. I think you will hardly find any better answer other than this. Wait up for better answers!

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