A free viewer for Apache server logs

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones A free viewer for Apache server logs

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  • Anyone know a free software to view apache server logs? I am currently using notepad++ to view the logs but it is cumbersome to visualize and filter timestamps.

  • How about grep? Pipe it with cat and you can get the log based on your timestamp. I often use sudo cat access.log | grep "<timestamp>" when looking up events. For advanced filtering, have a handy dump of regex expressions that you can use with grep. Grep regex documentation should help you.

    • Thanks, but I don’t have a shell access to the server. I only have FTP access.

    • I assume this is a shared hosting platform? If you have a cPanel/WHM dashboard, you can visualize logs in Webalizer.

    • Try GUI log viewers like Apache chainsaw or AWStats.

    • Yes matt I am using shared hosting. 😅 Should have mentioned that! Thank you for the suggestions Karthikeyan. Apache chainsaw is good.

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