1st law of thermodynamics and embryo

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Curiosity Science Biology and Medicine 1st law of thermodynamics and embryo

  • So I didn’t Use to exist, but now I do, which suggests I clearly had a beginning, how does that possibly make sense with the law of conservation if I was clearly created from a pre-non-existent state. I utterly despise the prospect btw. I think it’s a load of crap to an extent.

    – Ben Howard, via the Ask a science question page.

  • Hi Ben,

    It’s not. Your existence is the result of energy transfer and not energy creation. Biologically you evolved from a zygote — a cell, which is an open thermodynamic system with its own state variables like volume, pressure, temperature, etc. That zygote did not come into existence by magic. It’s from the fertilization of the sperm cell and the egg cell. Energy is just transferred from the surrounding to the system and vice versa, changing the state variables. It is conserved during the process.

    As the mother consumes food, they breakdown and gets converted into energy (metabolism) which helps in cell division that forms the embryo, which develops into a fetus, and then into the baby you.

    Hope it’s clear now.

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