Firefly Online: An Effort To Restore The Sci Fi Cult


I was doomed like everyone when firefly was cancelled out of the blue. Later, ‘Serenity’ movie gave all the browncoats, a redemption of the firefly cult, with the sad demise of ‘Wash’, the pilot. It was laid as the permanent closure of the firefly universe not until a Role Playing Online Multiplayer game, Firefly Online emerged. For almost a year Quantum Mechanix in partnership with Spark Plug Games, have been designing the game for most leading platforms. So far the firefly online is being developed for Windows desktop and mobile, Mac OS, iOS and Android OS.


The best part of the game is that it brings back all the old good memories of the firefly universe and with the mighty versatile unity 3D the rendered images of the models to be used in the game does look promising. The game universe will be a 3D verse where you will aboard a ship and explore the world as a captain who likes to misbehave to survive. The worst part is! Joss Whedon has no direct involvement in the production. Though he is aware of the development, his Avengers wouldn’t let him to dive into the firefly universe back. So the browncoats have a tiny fear that the game might spoil the firefly universe.

Awaiting a grand revelation in summer 2014, the optimistic renders shows us that this game will hardly be pushed into the limbo.

This post was first published on December 13, 2013.


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