Geekswipe helps people learn and explore scientific concepts, ranging from basic physics to higher-level astronomical concepts in a simpler and comprehensible way. With an integrated community feature, Geekswipe helps geeks connect with each other and discuss science and geek culture.

Started as a gaming blog around 2005, Geekswipe got a kickstart in 2009 as a science and technology site. Since then, the site is focused on delivering easily comprehensible scientific contents and technological guides.


Hey there! I’m Karthik! I started Geekswipe in 2005 as a hobby thing to write about gaming and basic physics. For a while, I was also writing technology how-to stuff, exploring my way around the internet. In early 2009, I turned serious about writing and made it my life’s adventure to explore and explain science to the fellow humans, and if possible, pandas too. I have an engineering degree in aeronautics. By day, I currently work as a developer at an educational startup.


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